Supply unit – for smart distribution

  • Supply unit with inlet section VFU-F and outlet section RF-I
  • Supply unit with inlet section VFU-V and outlet section S
  • Supply unit with possible inlet and outlet sections
Smart valve unit for rotating functions

The supply unit consists of an inlet section and an outlet section.

The supply unit acts as a distribution centre for the supply of pressurized hydraulic oil to the other valves in the control system.


Simple installation

This is especially useful in cases where valves are physically dispersed such that direct lines between the units are not expedient. The hydraulic pump and tank are then connected to the supply unit. Hoses are run from there to the main valve located above the centre of rotation and to valves that handle e.g. outriggers.

Few lines through the centre of rotation

The number of lines that must pass through the narrow sector at the centre of rotation is minimized by using the supply unit. This allows for simple but extremely functional hose runs.

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