Pressure reducer and filter PRF

Combined pressure reducer unit and servo filter

Pressure reducing valve

Simple setting of pressure reduction as standard: 1.5 – 3.5 MPa (15-35 Bar).
Max working pressure: 40.0 MPa (400 Bar)
Flow (to servo): Max 10 l/min 

Durable, long-life filter cartridge
Filter cartridge with a 10 micron filtration rating with high dirt holding capacity and withstand ΔP=20.0 MPa (200 Bar). Because the filter is only exposed to reduced pressure the busting safety factor is at least 5 which means the bypass function could be excluded. This in turn means that unfiltered oil is never able to pass through even if the filter is fully clogged. When the cartridge is full the pressure level drops automatically thus signalling filter replacement. 

  • Pressure reducer and filter

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