Positioner P8 – Actuator with precision

  • Positioner P8 for precision
  • Positioner P8 - cut
Mechanical feedback of spool for precision

Positioner P8 has a small but extremely important function in Olsbergs control systems.

The positioner consists of a proportional solenoid and hydraulic servo together with a unique, mechanical repositioning of the spool.


No impact from flow forces

Spool position is not affected by flow forces; it is exactly proportional to the pulse width modulated current that is fed to the positioner solenoid.

The system ensures spool position in the valve with an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimetre. 


Hydraulics/electronics interface

Positioner P8 acts as the interface between hydraulics and electronics during remote control.

Current amplifiers – DA modules – are connected to the positioners and convert control data into pulse width modulated current.

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