Intelligent inlet sections for smarter hydraulic systems

  • From left: Inlet sections J, VF, VFU
  • Inlet section J
  • Inlet section VF
  • Inlet section VFU
Modular inlet sections for flexible installation

The inlet sections are modular and available in three versions, J, VF and VFU; all fit Q200 and Q300 valves.

All have pump, tank, signal and servo pressure connection ports and measuring points for pump, tank and servo pressure.

J is the simplest inlet module and is only used as a connection unit.

  Simple conversion to fixed or variable pump

The VF and VFU inlet sections can be used for variable and fixed pumps.

The inlet section can be modified depending on pump type and changing plug, piston, spring and cover in one of the inlets is fast and conversion easy.

The inlet section has an integrated function that minimizes pressure surges in the hydraulic system.
  Pressure compensated flow

The VFU inlet section is also designed to provide pressure compensated flow to e.g. an outrigger valve. This means that the flow to the outriggers is taken from the inlet section instead of from the main valve thus allowing an additional proportional function to be controlled from the main valve or the choice of one less valve section.

The main valve and outrigger port are prevented from simultaneous activation for safety reasons.

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