Olsbergs Valve Control - DA26 CANopen


DA26 CANopen for ulitmate control of hydraulic valves

With DA26 CANopen the perfect link is established between any remote control system and Olsbergs control valve.  

DA26 has a modular design and is configured based upon the
number of outputs needed.

Depending on the modulated lever angle the DA26 CANopen supplies the positioner
solenoid on the control valve with proportional current from 0 to 500 mA which in turn controls valve spool position.

Proportionality at every stage provides superior command and control characteristics.


System properties

Power connection: 24-28 V nom. 

Max. current consumption per output: 1.5 A

Fused: 10 A

Possibility to add an external emergency stop circuit.

Robust design for protection against moisture, dust and dirt.


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