Radio decoder/Relay box

  • Radio Decoder with integrated Relay Box
  • Radio Decoder with integrated Relay Box and extra Relay Box

Radio decoder 

A unit installed in the radio decoder communicates with the radio unit in the controller. The decoder translates radio traffic from the controller and transmits the information via CAN bus and vice versa.

Because extremely high safety standards are imposed to ensure that all data remains uncorrupted the decoder has an extra microchip that makes sure translation 
is correct. There is usually a relay box in the bottom of the decoder for remote control of on/off functions.

The controller and decoder must be paired for a connection to be established. A unique code is read off and stored in each unit.


Relay box 

The relay box can be seen as a remote controlled switch for on/off functions. There is usually a relay box installed in the bottom of  
the radio decoder.

Several relay boxes may be connected to the system as required.

Every relay box has 8 outputs all of which are individually configurable. Output configuration is done by means of a computer program or a customer-specific configuration unit.

The outputs can be configured to be active in different ways; momentary, maintained, variable or memory, in order to make the system as user friendly and flexible as possible.

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