Joysticks D3

Modern information technology

Olsbergs' D3 digital control lever is the operator's tool  for manoeuvring equipment quickly, safely and precisely. 
D3 control levers are 3-way proportional and have a comfortable trigger grip. There is a micro processor in each lever that constantly reads off lever position and translates the information into data protocol that can be distributed by the CAN bus for precise equipment control.

Ergonomic design and fingertip control

  • Individual control system settings for adaptation to different modes of operation. Time is money.
  • Push buttons for selecting MENU and MICRO operations.These buttons influence the whole system regardless of which lever is moved.
  • Push buttons for setting operator profile FUNCTION, CHANGE and SET only applies to the lever the keypad belongs to.
  • Joysticks D3 including Display Box
  • Joysticks D3
  • Display Box

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