DA modules, digital amplifiers

  • DA14 and DA13 Modules, together with DA13 mounted on a valve Q200
  • DA13 Modules
  • DA14 Modules
DA modules – digital amplifiers – give commands to the hydraulics.


The DA modules are the last link in the MultiDrive 2 system. 
The CAN bus cable that runs through the system provides the DA module with power and data protocols. The DA modules transform the information received to pulse width modulated current.
  Pulse width modulated current


Depending on the modulated lever angle the DA module supplies the positioner solenoid with proportional current from 0 to 500 mA which in turn controls valve spool position. Proportionality at every stage provides superior command and control characteristics. 

The DA modules are available in three different versions, DA2, DA13 and DA14 depending on the choice of valve system.

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