Control system MultiDrive 2 - Remote fingertip control

The operator's feel for the control system is what matters to Olsbergs

Olsbergs' MultiDrive 2 control system makes it easy to manoeuvre equipment quickly, smoothly and with the utmost precision.

The system is available in two versions – control via controller or via levers.

The system is CE marked and complies with machinery directive 2006/42/EG. The system is made in accordance with ISO 13849-1:2006 category 3 Pld.

Remote control controllers – radio or hard wire

To meet differing requirements and areas of use there are several types of controller that are characterized by ergonomic design and a clear, transparent user interface.

The remote control is either by radio or cable.

Up to 8 functions can be handled quickly and efficiently at the same time.

Remote control with D3 control levers

The system is controlled by ergonomically designed 3-way proportional control levers which control the application with precision and safety.

The system can accommodate several different operator profiles which means manoeuvring characteristics can be quickly adapted to operator needs and requirements.

Efficient system management and use increases revenue.

Time is money.

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