Olsbergs MSE

Olsbergs has through the years been involved in various motorsports as part of technology and product development, as in motorsports
there are high demands for performance and quality of all components involved.

Olsbergs team has been successful and won many great victories in the WRC, GP2 and Rallycross.

Today Olsbergs is half-owner of the company Olsbergs MSE which develops and builds race cars in rallycross, the world's fastest growing motorsport. Olsbergs MSE works internationally and also operates its own teams in rallycross and extreme motorsport. The company has had great success especially in the USA. Olsbergs MSE team has won the X-Games three years in a row as well as the entire series Global Rallycross 2011, 2012 and 2013 with the team's Supercar cars.

As part of developing the sport of rallycross, Olsbergs MSE has promoted a new class in rallycross, Supercar Lite, an entry-level class that makes it easier for talented drivers to start their racing careers.


    Olsbergs - Motorsport

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  Olsbergs MSE - Rallycross

   Marcus Grönholm, Tanner Foust, Brian Deegan


        Supercar Lites   

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