Company history

Since joysticks were not available in the market, it became necessary to develop and design own joysticks and thus the company also became manufacturer of electronics. 

The year 1980 Olsbergs was trusted to deliver a first complete electro-hydraulic system to a manufacturer of forestry equipment. 


Product development of electronics has mainly shifted to systems where the driver manoeuvres the truck-mounted crane from a distance.

First the data was transfer via cable, but since 1992, when Olsbergs introduced its own developed radio, the driver has full freedom to move around while operating the crane. 


The number of remote systems increased from year to year and the systems became more complex, with more and more electronics.

In 1996, Olsbergs Electronics was founded and the its operations was established in Vallentuna outside Stockholm. Step by step the development and manufacturing of electronics were moved there from Olsbergs Hydraulics in Eksjö

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