Company history

By the early 70s the little foundry's speciality was widely known beyond the nation's borders and the major part of customer-specific valve billet production was exported, some to Europe but most to the USA. 

Göran gained an understanding of valve function and performance through his contacts in hydraulics manufacturing, and he recognized the potential for development.


The new ideas were put on paper and the prototype for the first of Olsbergs' new valves was manufactured in the foundry's existing premises in Bruzaholm. The experiments with the proprietary valve resulted in the formation of the Olsbergs Hydraulics subsidiary to Olsbergs Gjuteri in 1976 located in Eksjö. 

The company erected a new building that same year for the development and 


production of hydraulic valves primarily for equipment applications.

Further development continued in Eksjö for a full four years and the new valve proved to meet and exceed expectations.

Because Olsbergs' valve was fitted with electric actuators it was possible to control it remotely from a separate operator's station.

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