• Olsbergs foundry back in 1906
  • Foundrymen at Olsbergs foundry 1906
  • Olsbergs fire stove

Company history

Back in 1906 foundry man Emil Henriksson purchased a plot of land that was parcelled off from the Olsbergs soldier's croft in the Bruzaholm industrial community in Eksjö municipality. 

Emil built a foundry there that went by the name of Olsbergs Gjuteri.

He produced a variety of castings such as wood-burning stoves, cooking pots and 


watering troughs to meet the needs of the surrounding countryside.

Although the foundry tradition was handed down within the family, the products have changed over the years.

Göran Henriksson, took over Olsbergs Gjuteri from his father Henry in 1960. Back then there were more than 200 foundries in Sweden, and Göran  quickly saw the need  


for specialization if the company was to survive. The introduction of the so-called shell moulding method created the conditions for the production of castings with complicated designs.

The step toward hydraulics and hydraulic valve manufacturing was not a giant one as valve billets require exactly the sort of precision casting the method made possible.

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