In Memory of Göran Henriksson

The successful and charismatic owner of Olsbergs, Göran Henriksson, died on December 21, 2012 at the age of 75 years.

Göran Henriksson developed Olsbergs from only a foundry business at his start in 1960 to the group of companies that today manufactures electro-hydraulic control system in world-class. His great passion for quality, improvements and solving problems, combined with a huge motivation, innovation and vision led to the development and manufacture of innovative and efficient products and systems. Olsbergs has through the years received patents on many smart solutions and Olsbergs was the first in the world with load sensing proportional valves and joysticks for forestry cranes.

Göran Henriksson broad knowledge and interest in development of efficient manufacturing processes in both foundry and within hydraulics have contributed greatly to Olsbergs success. As late as in October 2012 he inaugurated Olsbergs new and state of the art foundry where the new generation Olsbergs valves will be casted.

Olsbergs group is managed by Göran Henriksson's family who has actively worked together with him during the last twenty years. Annika Henriksson takes over as Chairman and Christina Henriksson is already since one year Managing Director of Olsbergs Hydraulics AB and Olsbergs Foundry AB.

  • Göran Henriksson

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